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914 Howell Mill Road from 1908 until the 1960's was the Southeastern Meat Company. In 2000 an adaptive reuse project transformed the property from a deteriorating blighted state into a vibrant office/loft containing 11,844 square feet. Midtown West Associates proved that historical, dilapidated, under utilized buildings can be reclaimed and made a viable part of their community. The building has been occupied by creative firms for the past ten years and has, once again, undergone a complete redevelopment.


"The Optimist" restaurant, a seafood concept by Chef Ford Fry (JCT Kitchen, 246), will open for business in early spring, 2012. This 8,200-square-foot seafood restaurant and raw bar will offer casual and upscale dining in the heart of Midtown West.


As seen on the 4th location map , this building is located at the corner of Howell Mill Road and 8th Street.


For further information please contact:
Richard S. Martin
Midtown West Associates, LLC
V: 404-892-4267
F: 404-873-1730
E-mail: rmartin@midtownwest.com


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